Groups Preconference

Boston, MA

Welcome to the Groups Preconference at SESP!

Psychologists are studying groups from an increasingly diverse range of theoretical and methodological approaches. This year, the Groups Preconference at SESP brings together speakers to discuss factors that contribute to intergroup conflict and how social psychological research can be used to bridge old and new social divides.

This year’s preconference will also feature a data blitz to showcase research from advanced graduate students and postdocs who are conducting cutting-edge research on group processes and intergroup dynamics.

We hope that through talks, lunch, and informal conversations, attendees will be exposed to new ways of thinking about group processes and intergroup behavior that will stimulate new ideas and facilitate collaborations.

When and Where

The preconference will be held Thursday, October 12, 2017 at the Westin Boston Waterfront Hotel in Boston, MAYou can register for the preconference via the main SESP conference siteThe preconference is open to SESP members and non-members. Anyone interested in research related to groups is encouraged to register. The conference schedule can be found here.

Confirmed Speakers

Betsy Paluck
Maureen Craig
Jim Sidanius
Adrienne Carter-Sowell
Evan Apfelbaum
Patricia Devine
Jeremy Ginges
Arie Nadler

Data Blitz Speakers

Felix Danbold (UCLA) “Fear of Losing a White National Identity Predicts Support for Trump and Brexit”
William Hall (University of Toronto) “Interpersonal and Institutional Predictors of Social Identity Threat”
Jennifer LaCosse (Florida State University) “Antiprejudice among White Americans and the Proactive Fight to End Discrimination toward Black Americans”

Conference Organizers

Adam Pearson
Kyle Ratner
Kimberly Rios
Jonathan Kunstman

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